How to Lift Properly for Better Spinal Health and Reduced Pain

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When it comes to staying healthy, fit, and active, many people are interested in weightlifting and other activities at the gym. It’s vital to your health and ability to stay injury-free to learn how to lift the correct way. However, that isn’t the only time you should pay attention to your form when lifting something, even if it isn’t super heavy. Any time you plan to pick something up off the ground, it is important to pay attention to whether or not you are putting too much stress and strain on your back. Regular chiropractic adjustments at Greater Life Chiropractor are a great way to improve the health of your spine if you’ve injured it or just to upkeep good spinal health, but it is also important to consider proper lifting techniques in daily, real-world scenarios.

Tips for Proper Lifting

When you really think about it, you realize just how much we lift things throughout the day: your shoes on the floor, the laundry basket, bags of groceries, exercising, even your kids! Repetitive lifting motions done improperly can cause pain in your neck, back, legs, and can even lead to injuries.

Here are a few tips for proper lifting technique:

  • Bend with your hips and knees, like a squat position, instead of bending forward with your back.
  • Keep your back straight while your legs do the literal heavy lifting.
  • Stand straight back up into position; don’t twist or turn on your way up.
  • Hold heavy items around your belly button and avoid lifting above your shoulders.

Common Injuries from Improper Lifting

You may know someone who has “pulled their back” after bending over to pick something up. This is a common type of injury when you try to lift an item while bent over, primarily using your back instead of your legs. Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Grant Lisetor has seen a variety of injuries due to improper lifting and has also helped many practice members learn more about how to lift in ways that won’t harm your body. Improper lifting can cause muscle strains and sprains, too much pressure on your vertebrae and the discs that separate them, and even joint injuries and related health issues. Lower back pain is also very common with improper lifting because of the excessive stress and strain.

How Chiropractic Can Help

Regular visits with your Charlotte chiropractor will help restore proper posture and help train your spine and supportive muscles in maintaining a healthy form. Combine this with practicing healthy lifting posture in between appointments and you can keep your back healthy and strong. If you have already injured yourself in some way from heavy lifting or poor technique, Dr. Grant Lisetor and the entire team at Greater Life Chiropractic are here to help. Gentle chiropractic adjustments and other techniques can help restore healthy blood flow to the area, which encourages and promotes faster healing. Adjustments also help restore healthy functioning so your brain can effectively communicate with the rest of your body.

It’s so easy to book an appointment online with Greater Life Chiropractic so you can reduce pain and start practicing better habits so you can stay healthy and strong.


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