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The Importance of Cerebral Spinal Fluid Flow

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Many people know that the central nervous system is the body’s means of communication, primarily relying on the spine and the brain to transmit messages. But what isn’t as commonly known is that another important part of the process lies in the cerebral spinal fluid, or CSF. This fluid surrounds the brain, cushioning it within the skull. In addition to protecting the brain, it is becoming apparent that this fluid has other important impacts on the body, and that the flow of this fluid is the key to many health issues. A focus on upper cervical chiropractic care and regular adjustments from a Charlotte chiropractor can help you use this CSF flow to your advantage.

Why CSF Matters

It has been known for years that CSF serves an important purpose for protecting the brain from the hard surface of the skull, preventing damage that may occur. CSF also acts as an immunological barrier, protecting the brain so it can transfer nutrients and metabolic waste properly. Additionally, the fluid is buoyant, which keeps the brain tissue from deforming due to its own weight.

We are now discovering that a number of neurological conditions may be related to the presence and flow of cerebral spinal fluid, including Multiple Sclerosis, migraines, and Post-Concussion Syndrome. Another disorder that can be related is Atlas Displacement Complex, or ADC, which can impact CSF flow and lead to other issues. When you have ADC, the atlas compresses blood vessels in the head and neck, which pushes waste products back up, like a clog. This waste accumulates near the brain, which can lead to toxicity, inflammation, headaches, and a number of other problems.

What Happens When CSF Flow Is Impaired

Any interruption to the flow of cerebral spinal fluid can inhibit the careful exchange of nutrients and waste that your body relies on to stay healthy. One common cause of these interruptions is a misalignment in the spine, which can be caused by a sedentary lifestyle or a traumatic injury, among other things. When working properly, our bodies produce about one cup of CSF each day to replenish what is absorbed through daily functioning. However, if a misalignment causes the flow to be interrupted, you may produce excess CSF, causing a build-up of fluid in the brain.

When there are issues with fluid transmission, neurotransmitters can be disrupted, and blood flow may be interrupted or brain function can suffer. Chiropractic care is an important means of overcoming this interruption.

Chiropractic Care to Improve CSF Flow

When it comes to issues with CSF flow, addressing the root cause can help not only fix the immediate issue, but can also prevent any recurring issues. Because the nervous system impacts all processes in the body, proper CSF flow can lead to improved function in a number of areas and allow you to live a life of health.  

Chiropractic adjustments from a skilled chiropractor like Dr. Grant Lisetor can immediately restore CSF flow and improve bodily function. Our Charlotte office can help reduce spinal misalignments, improve your overall health, and optimize your nervous system’s natural processes. Contact Greater Life Chiropractic today to schedule your first appointment!


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