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Self-Care During Coronavirus

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There has been a surge lately in discussions of “self-care” and its importance. But what really is self-care? For some, this conjures images of facial scrubs and massages, which can be great ways to indulge. But the most critical part of self-care is looking out for your health, both mental and physical. During the current crisis, we may seemingly have more time than ever, but it’s easy to get so caught up in daily stressors that we forget to spend time on ourselves. At Greater Life Chiropractic, our goal is for you to maximize your overall health, and we’re not shy about admitting that this takes dedication. Here are some tips for self-care that can be done without leaving the house!

Stay Active

While it’s recommended we spend most of our time at home and around few people right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t be active. If you have a backyard, sidewalks in your neighborhood, or a nearby quiet trail, take advantage of the time to exercise. Not only is this movement important for managing any chronic or acute pain, but it can also prevent future issues and increase quality of life. Especially if you are working from home and may be moving less, finding an activity to do daily can boost your mood and your health. You can communicate with a Charlotte chiropractor, ideally over the phone for now, to decide what exercises may be right for you.

You Are What You Eat

We all know that what you put into your body has a drastic effect on your health. When you’re stuck at home with a pantry full of snacks, it can be tempting to eat nothing but junk food. But consistently consuming unhealthy foods can lead to low energy, fatigue, and other health concerns like chronic pain. Combined with exercise and regular chiropractic adjustments, healthy eating can improve your overall health and immune system.

Focus on Mental Health

With the COVID-19 crisis changing every day, it’s understandable that many of us are stressed out. There may also be the added impact of isolation, homeschooling, working from home, financial strain, and worrying about our loved ones. While it’s natural to feel anxious sometimes, allowing ourselves to dwell on our stressors can have negative effects for both the body and the mind. Take a few moments out of every day to center yourself and check in on your mental health. If you are feeling anxious or depressed, asking for help is an important step.

Keep the Essentials

With most outside activities off-limits, many of us are asking what is and isn’t okay to leave the house for right now. Along with services like groceries and pharmacies, visiting the doctor is considered essential to maintaining our health, and that includes your chiropractic adjustments. In fact, visiting a Charlotte chiropractor can not only continue benefiting your spine, but can improve overall health and even boost immunity.

At Greater Life Chiropractic, we are taking the COVID-19 outbreak very seriously and following all CDC guidelines to keep our office clean and safe. Dr. Grant Lisetor and staff will be here to offer chiropractic adjustments during this time, helping to keep you calm and healthy. Book an appointment today for your adjustment.



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